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What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model which enable a person to make money by starting an online business that run without keeping any inventory.  You simply need to find supplier that support to do dropshipping, import their product photos into your website and markup with your own price. Once you get sales, you can then place order with your supplier using your customer’s information and your supplier will ship the item straightly to the hand of your customer. The packing and delivery process are handled by your supplier so your overall process is only focus about selling the products. This way you can save up a lot of cost to make money online unlike the traditional business which will have to buy the inventory, pay expensive shoplot rental, labor cost, packaging cost and delivery cost to start a business.

Through dropshipping, anyone can easily make passive income by managing a dropshipping business that run online with no boundaries. It is a low risk and high profitable way to make money online as  you would only need to buy the inventory from your supplier when you acquire sales.

3 Steps To Build A Dropshipping Business

Summary Of The Video

Do you know that there is an increase in online purchase demand because almost 99% of the traffic are online right now due to the lockdown? 

It only take you 3 Steps to Build a Dropshipping Store and the best part is you don’t need any programming skill to build your own website!

Step 1: Get a Domain Name on Namecheap

Step 2: Get a Hosting Plan from Namecheap

Step 3: Get a Dropshipping Automation Tool from Alidropship

Once you have all the tools ready, you can now earn passive income by building a Dropshipping store that run with just clicking the button~

Don’t forget that you must install Woocommerce & Alidropship Plugin to Develop a Dropshipping System that enable you to import products from Aliexpress and filfill the orders with just clicking the button. The best part  about this Alidropship Plugin is that you can easily import product ratings from your supplier  (As if it was yours to help you easily gain trust from the public) and also update parcel tracking with just clicking the button!

Is It A Good Timing To Start a Dropshipping Business During Pandemic Lockdown?

Corona virus outbreak is so deadly that everyone has to stay at home and what’s worse is peoples are losing job and income sources. Some of you might think it’s a bad idea to start a business now and some would think that this is the opportunity that most people neglected. So is it a good timing to start my entrepreneurship now?

According to my personal experience of managing my own e-commerce store, even though the pandemic lock down has cause a lot of business to close down but the strangest part is my online sales are not affected and somehow increase a little bit @@!!

From here, i can concluded that the pandemic lock down has [ ONLY AFFECT THE RETAIL BUSINESS] and most of the online business or takeaway services are somehow not affected but increase in demand. The strangest thing is that most of the retail business also started to transition themselves from being offline business to online business. This further proof that the potential of online business and how powerful an online business can help a person to generate income during the toughest time of all.

Due to the lock down, literally 99% people is browsing internet at home most of the time. If you’re smart, this is one great opportunity to make big money where most of the retail business is away from business.

If you’re a retail business owner, afraid not, it is time for you to make changes and not to permanently close down your business. I strongly believe that most of the retail business owner would have to start from scratch again. Whether you’re a total beginner or an experience business owner, the one that went ahead of others win the game. If you can take this opportunity to learn something, to do something, you would have a better starting point than anyone else.

Get Detailed Steps By Steps Guide Here

    How to Promote Your Dropshipping Business Without Spending Any Money On Ads?


    Growing Your Social Media is a must in order to gain a source of traffic  without launching any ads.

    The more channel you manage, the more time & effort it would take.

    Thanks to Social Rabbit Plugin, I can now grow my followers automatically with just some clicks

    Dropshipping Success Story


    Today is my 45th day starting my Dropshipping Business using Alidropship Plugin and so far I had made $3,500!

    I'm getting orders every day, and my Instagram community gains about 900-1000 followers per week. Last Saturday was the biggest day, $600 in 24 hours. It’s just amazing. My New York trip and my 89 dollars investment for the plugin are totally refunded lol.

    Never Know It’s So Easy To Make $28,000+ In Sales In Just 30 Days!

    When I opened my first store it only took me 2 hours to set it up and to import 100+ products. Yes, I spend almost 15 days later to edit the descriptions and other info to make product pages look good, but setup itself was really quick. The same was true for my second store – when I was setting it up, I only spent about 2 hours on it.

    How Much Can You Make With Aliexpress Dropshipping?

    Check Out How Olesia Made 11k in just 1 Week of Using Alidropship to Kickstart Her Dropshipping Business Started Back In Feb’2020

    There is a saying that a smart one would acquire all the information and resources to be successful, where the wise one would copy from the smart one to reach the same success together.

    Do you know you can copy Olesia store to achieve similar result like her?

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