How to Make $30k With Webinar Marketing 2020

Creating events and webinar is an extremely powerful & highly converting way to promote your business online, especially when you’re doing affiliate marketing, running a social media agency or even promoting your own products.

A webinar act as a platform which would allow you to acquire hot traffic that is extremely interested with the topic you advertise and ready to buy it with what you are offering later. Even if you have the best product in the world, if you do not know how to properly market your products, the chances for you to make money is low as most of the time you may have targeting the wrong person or cold advertising to people who is not extremely attracted with your products.

As an entrepreneur who startup a dropshipping business with Alidropship, I would also share my knowledge &  recommend something which would also help someone to change their life. Since i really love this product that enable me to run my online business on autopilot mode, i would later signup for their affiliate program that give me commission that would enable me to make passive income online. That way, i can both fully utilizing my website to make both ACTIVE INCOME & PASSIVE INCOME together which would support each other and continuously generate FREE MONEY online.

This is my ACTIVE INCOME by starting my dropshipping business with Alidropship

This is my PASSIVE INCOME by referring people to Alidropship by running a webinar that made with Clickmeeting

What I Did To Make More Than $30k Online

Step 1: Buy a Premium Store which is proven profitable on Alidropship

Step 2: Create an Automated Webinar with Clickmeeting

Step 3: Run FB Ads

Step 4: Make Money on Autopilot Mode

As I own a dropshipping business which has already proven making money in the beginning, i spend my time to create an Automated Webinar using Clickmeeting and teach others how i make money while referring the product for someone else. After that, i run fb ads to drive traffic to my webinar and then voila, the cha-ching sound come to me automatically without doing anything at all!

By using this method, the profit that generated from my dropshipping business are later pump to invest into Clickmeeting & FB Ads which usually offset the cost from the profit made with Dropshipping and further make rewarding income by affiliate marketing that made with Clickmeeting ~

Notes: The Paypal Income has already include the Dropshipping income of $4k, which is still so amazing that you can make 30k online with just a minimal investment which later transform into FREE MONEY that generate  more than 10K/Month

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

Wanna Learn How to Build a Dropshipping Business By Only Invest $0.23 Per Day?

If you have tight budget to follow my steps to make money online. Don’t worry, I got you covered! I have done experiment that shows you can build a profitable dropshipping store yourself with investing as little of forty cents per day (USD$0.23) without buying a well established store which cost more than what you can save.


How to Build Profitable Business With Just a Click

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