How to Make 10k/Month Monetize Your Website

In this digital era where all the traffic had transition from offline to online mode, this unlock huge potential to make money online by owning a platform that can gain & retain traffic.  If you want to make money online but you do not own a website, you’ going to lose a lot of potential to make money. Here’s several methods that work well & enable you to make more than 10k/month~

1. Blogging Website

Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge while making money passively with very little management. You can share your knowledge, your story or do review for any products or services that you use which would help others in their decision making and in return you can utilize your blogging space to enable advertiser to place banner ads on your website to make money with PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign. I still remember i was shocked at my first $100 payout from google adsense with just one post that i create within a day. I was then making recurring profit every month which is like FREE MONEY DOING NOTHING ONLINE~

2. Dropshipping Website

I would also build a dropshipping website that enable me to sell products online while blogging online. I made back from what i invested really fast by combine blogging income and dropshipping income together. At the end of the day, it is like starting something for free and enable me to make recurring money by just maintaining my website.

3. Combine Blog & E-commerce In One Website

Why not combining both idea together if both of them can make money? You can decide how much you want to earn by deciding the effort that you want to pump into your website. By selling product & do dropshipping, it gave me me [ACTIVE INCOME] that bring way more money than [PASSIVE INCOME] way to make money through writing blogs.

Nowadays, creating a website is easier than what you think. Even if you don’t have any programming skill, you can still create a beautiful website with just minor editing skills such as change wording & photos~ Here’s what you need in order to build a website:

1. Domain Name

2. SSL Certificate

3. Web Hosting Plan

Getting Started

Get a Domain Name – Where can i Buy a Domain Name?

I still remember i bought my Domain Name on Namecheap because of the way i can own it with a very cheap price and surprised with the customer service that they provide. It is unbelievable that  i was able to easily own a (.com) extension domain name which is usually sold over $100 dollar with just a price of $8.88 only.  Don’t cha think it’s really cheap and worth far more than what i pay for? 

Get a SSL Certificate- Do I need to buy SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is like a social proof that show you’re legit website owner of the domain name and not malicious website that may steal account information of the users who visit your website. It is recommended to buy a SSL Certificate if you’re serious in building a high traffic & trustworthy website.

Get a Web Hosting Plan- Where Do I Recommended to Buy?

If you have very little budget, i would recommend you to buy on Namecheap too. I couldn’t find any reason to say no when they provide the exact product like other web hosting company but with such a cheap price. This method is most suitable for those who interested to start a blogging website/ e-commerce website.

However, if you’re the type of person with sufficient budget and want to save more money in the future, it is wiser to buy an Alidropship plugin & Web hosting plan on Alidropship website. The reason is it would enable you to start a dropshipping business on autopilot mode with just clicking the button.

The traditional method you start an e-commerce business is to find your own product, own suppliers and upload products on your website. Differently, Alidropship would enable you to link the largest wholesale website owned by Jack Ma & later import products and ratings from that platform into your website as if you already own an existing and reputable website. It will help you to make money fast & fulfill dropship orders and tracking with just clicking the button. With Alidropship, you no longer need to copy paste your customer’s  information to your supplier,  it auto fill the information for you in just one click. Your only task is to focus in marketing and confirm the purchase orders, easy right?


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