How to Create a Mommy Blog That Made 10k per month

Do you know that Mommy Blogs has been a hit among the moms? In fact, from most of the mommy blog that i come across, most of them had show success in monetize their blogging website.

One simple reason why it’s popular is because parenting is something that almost every adult would go through and it is one troublesome topic that is hard to seek for solution apart from acquire it from someone who had experience it.  Most mommy would generously share their knowledge, funny stories which eventually build up a community that would help each other out online.

If you’re a mother who need to take care of your children & would love to make money online with very little money, here’s the chance & here’s the way to help you make both active income & passive income while being able to take care of your children at home.

How To Monetize Your Blog?

Create an E-Commerce Website with Blogs

Do you know that you can build blog and setup an e-commerce store on your website at the same time? Well…maybe you know, maybe you don’t~ 

The reason i said so is because most people would perceive e-commerce & blog as 2 different things which is not related but in fact if you can combine both features into a website, it’s going to help you make [ACTIVE INCOME] & [ PASSIVE INCOME] at the same time which would maximize your profit online.

Through this method, you can make FREE MONEY by pumping your passive income into active income which later generate a consistent income  for you to make money at home.

What Should You Do?

Before you begin, it is important to decide on the “Topic” that you write. Most of the time, i would suggest you to select on a Topic on what you’re specialize at & what you love. It is recommended to do so because your visitor will come to you based on the knowledge that you share and you certainly doesn’t want to be clueless when someone ask you any question in the comment section.

After you have decide your topic,  for example: Mom’s Blog. The next thing you need is to write something related to parenting, about your kids which is anything that related to mother and child. You can also recommend some products which you love & share it with your readers.

More than that, you can also setup a webstore that sell “Baby Products” which perfectly fit the topic you wrote on your blog. That way, your reader may purchase something on your website.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Buy a Domain Name
  2. Choose a Web Hosting Plan
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install Alidropship
  5. Import Products & Write Blogs
  6. Advertise & Promotion
  7. Fulfill Orders With A Click
  8. Scale Your Website