How to Make Money As Web Designer?

Whether you’re a web designer or you have the knowledge & skill in web designing, in order for you to get sales & make money online, you have to expose your talent and let more people discover your existence. You may consider the following method to help you expose yourself & to get clients to make money online

1. Freelancing on Upwork

Freelancing is a type of self employment where you make money through taking jobs that is assigned to you. One great place to expose your talents and to get more project is through freelance website such as “Upwork”.

Upwork is well known of being a platform that connect client and seller with categories of talent and services online. Due to it’s conveniences and systematic way to protect the benefits of both client and seller, it become a favorable place for big client to search talent online.

Freelancer can get their talent to be exposed fast as they had high traffic of visitors which would save up your time & money to search for clients by yourself.

One simple way to start selling online

2. Startup Your Own Design Agency Online

Owning a Design Agency is different from Freelancing. A Design agency usually consist by several team member to accomplish task together whereas freelancing is about self accomplish task. Anyone can build a website with portfolio that provide related service to start a freelancing Web Design Business or to start a Design Agency firm.

While it is rewarding to make big money providing web design service, the downside of this type of business model is that it consume a lot of time to do revision for your clients.

Starting your own Design Agency can be one great way to scale your business further if your freelance work has started to grow bigger and need helper to accomplish harder and more rewarding task. 

It is recommended for beginner to start with freelancing to gain experience first before jump straightly to start a design agency which require further management skills and greater financial support to maintain the firm. A freelancer can easily transition themselves into a design agency when they had consistent sales.

3. Running Social Media Agency

If you know how to build a website and good in design creatives, you may as well start up a social media agency that can further add value to your web design service by starting a social media agency that help client to design website, banner ads, Instagram post to build follower and fans to upsell for more profit online.

A lot of creative designer would use one plugin called Social Rabbit to help them to automate their social media online presence to grow followers on autopilot mode~ This method has shown customer satisfaction and increase greater value comparing to starting just a Design Agency online~


Imagine that if you can build a website and charge additional service which can run on autopilot mode, wouldn’t that be easy money?

4. Selling Website Theme/ Templates

If you love to create contents and prefer to become a backbone of other designers, you can utilize your talents in creating website theme & template to monetize them. Through this method, you can create digital products that allow you to have more time & freedom while making money online. This way, you don’t need to meet up with clients and work on the project face by face.