Guarantee Way To Make Money With Dropshipping

You may have heard a lot of success story where countless people getting rich, making from 4 figures to 6 figures starting a dropshipping store online.

It’s pretty cool to be able to change your life from being a poor to a rich guy in just a blink of eyes. But do you know that there’re also people who are not successful & quit trying just because they use the wrong method to start a dropshipping business? It is such a regret for people who quit without retrying because in the very next minute he could completely change his life again by making a minor changes to his strategy~

The most typical reason why a person fail is because they don’t have a successful example for people to follow. It is sucks that you have the learning spirit but nobody is willing to teach you. Without guidance,  it’s easily to lose the motivation to retry again~

Do you know that they’re people who is good in making money on dropshipping that they would use their skill & blue-print to built countless profitable dropshipping store and sell the website for big money?

In this world which hold unlimited money making opportunity online, it’s no longer restricting a successful person to help another person to become successful.

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How to Make $428/Month Buying an Established Store

If you read my previous blog post mentioning how can a person add value to their domain name and make big money online, the way on how you can guarantee make money with dropshipping store is a reversing concept.

As i mentioned before, the chance to sell domain name alone is harder compare to develop a website that provide value to new owner to make big money online. Where some people is good at making profitable website, some people is not good at creating them. Where some people love to make big money, some prefer to be able to get constant money in long term.

A well established & running dropshipping store which is GUARANTEE GENERATE REVENUE can be sell at a High Price & at the same time IT CAN HELP BEGINNER TO GUARANTEE MAKING CONSTANT MONEY IN LONG TERM.

Let’s take the “Car organizer” store in the picture as an example. It is a well established & guarantee profiting website which currently generating $1.9k sales revenue at a campaign that they’re running with 1.4k expenses and net profit of $428/Month, before i give deeper analysis, let’s do some maths whether it is worth for your investment~

Let’s Do Some Calculation

The selling price of a well established & guarantee profiting website is $5,650

In order for you to identify whether it is worth for you to buy & become the new owner, it’s very important to calculate the life time value~

Let’s say you takeover the website and maintain with their current marketing campaign & budget which cost you $1,490 expenses per month and constantly making $428/month:

For the First Year, 428 x 12 months = $5,136

# You would make a loss of $514 for the first year

(Where it may sounds like a bad idea to own it, it is not necessary true all the time~)

Let’s say you double up their current marketing plan to make more money, assuming that if you spend $2,980 to make $856/month:

For the first year you take over and double up the marketing , 856 x 12 months = $10,272 per year

# $10,272 (-) $5,650 = making net profit of $4,622 per year

Don’t forget that an online business could last over 1 year. Even if you don’t double up the marketing during the first year of taking over, your website would definitely be profitable on the second year of running the store. So at the end of the day, it depends on whether you dare to risk this money to own a website which is guarantee making profit~


If you apply the method i shown you to analyze the risk & profit about taking over the website, it is mostly be profitable investment.

One great news is that all of the website listed here is GUARANTEE PROFIT with DIFFERENT SELLING PRICE. But do bare in mind that buying a profitable website is just like buying a real estate property, you have to act fast before somebody else buy it.

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