What is a Domain Name

With the growth of technology, a lot of Business has started to change from offline mode to online mode. As It is cheaper to build a website to start a business, more and more people have started to see the potential growth of starting an e-commerce website.

Due to cheaper cost to operate and bring convenience to busy people, most people had started to adapt and buy things online. This lead to new business trend and new era of making money digitally.

This might sounds unbelievable, in fact a lot of retail business has been defeated by business which operate online. This lead retail store business owner which solely rely of offline traffic are now changing & create an online presence to bring online traffic to their business now.

To build a website, you’ll first need a domain name. A Domain Name is well known as Business Name among e-com seller.  A proper term for Domain name is known as “Website Name” Or “Web Address” – where a person type the domain name to search for the website on their Internet Browser such as Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

A Domain is divided into 2 sections, first section consist of www. (your name/ identity). The second section is ended with domain extension such as

(.com, .co, .net, .org, .io) as shown in the picture above~

For example:

www.themultipreneur.com is a domain name which consist of the name “themultipreneur” and (.com) domain extension.

The first step in buying a domain name is to figure out a domain name for your website. It is recommend that you can name your website as relevant as your objective to create a professional and branding feeling which would later bring more visitors to your website. I personally would buy my website domain name with one company called Namecheap as it’s cheap and affordable for any beginner to start venture into online business.

If you’re running out of ideas for the name, you might as well using a website called “namemesh” to help you generate a domain name to help you to get started. With a name generator, it is easier for you to brainstorm your ideal domain and more relevant to your goal.

Do You Know You Can Get a Free Domain?