How to Make $300 With Just One Sale

It is exciting to know that you can money by Flipping a Domain name to make profit online, It’s even exciting that you can double up the profit when you add value to your Domain Name!

Do you know the Domain name is just like a virtual world real estate property where the rich one or some businessman would cost whatever it takes to own a reputable website? Because they understand that having a reputable domain name will help them bring greater profit for them whether it is for personal use or to flip it and make money for higher price.

Now think of Domain Name as an empty house. If you own a house and intend to sell your property off, ask yourself this question:

Is an empty house worth more than a well decorated house? Will it be able to sell for higher price if you decorate your house before you sell? I believe you have the answer yourself~

What if i tell you there is an easy and cheap way to build a website, would you still prefer to sell just a domain name or sell a domain name along with the website you build?

Do you know you can make up to 300% profit by just creating a website with your domain name?

I Made My First $300 Dollar Selling a Website With E-commerce Function

Buy an online business

How to Build a Website?

Do you know it only takes you less than 1 day time to create a full feature function website?

Step 1: Search & Buy a Domain Name

Step 2: Sign up for a Web Hosting Plan

Step 3: Create a WordPress Website

Step 4: Select a Theme & Design

Step 5:  Done! You’ve Create a Website!

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

Spend $30 & Made $1,000

I bought my Domain Name with $8.88 + Stellar Web Hosting Plan $ 17.28 with Namecheap which cost me around $30 to build a website that stay hosted for 1 year, which averagely cost me only 0.08 cents per day to own my website to provide my web design service to my client.

Each client would pay me around $300 just to help them design a website which they had already own a domain and hosting plan, which made up my cost only $0.08 per day!

$300 (-) $0.08 = $299.92

To round it up, it actually just cost me one time fee of $30 to make $300 dollar & above which is crazy amount of money!

With just 1 sales, I would have cover up my upfront cost of $30 dollar and the future sales will be just like FREE MONEY that  given to me with minimal effort. In fact, i already made over $1000 dollar within just a month~