How to Make $1k By Selling Domain Name

Do you know you can make over $1k dollar by just selling domain name?

Do you know that you can own a domain name with Namecheap as low as $8.88?

If you can buy a domain name within $10 dollar & sell with $1,000 dollar, isn’t that 1000% profit that you will get with less than 10 cents investment per day?

Buying & Selling Domain name is nothing difference than selling a product. Unlike a real product, it is far more like a property that doesn’t depreciate but increase in value over times. If you don’t know what is a domain name, it is a web address which is always known as business name on virtual world. The concept of owning a Domain Name is just like owning a real estate property in reality, there’s only one domain name (website name) and one owner which make it so precious that people would go as far as to spend big money to own it.

Do you know? Countless of Businessman would willing to spend money to buy nice & memorable domain name which is owned by others because they see an opportunity to make greater profit than what they spend because of  huge lifetime branding value that a domain will give?

Do you also know that there are lots of smart investor who see this opportunity & would risk the money to make big bucks by owning Domain Name?

Do you know that it’s cheap to own a Domain name despite that could potentially generate High Income to someone?

If you happened to have a domain name that somebody else willing to spend big bucks to buy it, if you can buy with less than $10 dollar & make over hundreds or even thousand of dollars, is it worth for your investment?

How to Get FREE Domain Name?

If you love the idea of adding value to your domain name & resell for profit, here’s one great news for you.  Do you know that Namecheap offer a Free Domain Name when you purchase their web hosting plan? If you love the idea of getting a free domain, you can straightaway buy the shared hosting plan and you can search and own a free domain during the payment process.

Where Can I Buy a Domain Name?

is well known for it’s cheap price & yet quality service for web building industry.

To buy a domain name, simply visit namecheap website, search for your ideal name & it’s availability, make payment and the domain name will be yours~

Where Can I Sell My Domain Name?

The best website to sell your domain name for profit is “Flippa”. Simply register an account & you can list your domain to sell.

Due to it’s high traffic, even a newly listed listing will be able to get exposed to lots of people at a short time frame.

Referring to the screenshot above, the most rescently domain can get a lot of bidders and it is proven that a domain name which can be created and buy

with $10 dollar or less could resell for higher price than $10 for profit~